ETH Zurich, Lecture Preference Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering) Graduate and Master's Degree in Switzerland

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ETH Zurich, Lecture Preference Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering) Graduate and Master's Degree in Switzerland
In addition to being one of the world's leading universities, ETH Zurich is also in the forefront of technology and the field of natural sciences. The university of the top 10 best universities for engineering is renowned for its excellent educational system and also researches with very sharp and fundamental results that can be directly applied to the real life.

ETH Zurich was founded in 1855 which to date has more than 18 thousand students from all over the world. In 2014 only students from ETH Zurich recorded as many as 18.616 who came from a total of 110 countries in the world. In addition, the number of professors as teachers in this campus there are 498 in the same year.

In addition to this time a number of 21 Nobel laureates also appeared to be associated with ETH Zurich. They study, teach, or conduct research in ETH Zurich. This certainly adds again the popularity of this university which is also already famous in the world sebelunya. The fact that for the campus's researchers offers an inspiring environment as well as for the students of this campus provides a comprehensive and complete education makes it highly feasible to be eligible to study especially in Civil Engineering.

Nowadays more and more human resources are needed by human beings are decreasing and therefore Civil Engineering study program at ETH Zurich welcomes it with open arms and full of enthusiasm. The hope of course is that there will be graduates of this program who are able to provide results of new studies and discoveries to deal with these problems.

The Civil Engineering course at ETH Zurich uses the basis of an international undergraduate and postgraduate study system. Undergraduate study can be completed in just 6 semesters for then graduates will be able to continue for Master's degree at ETH Zurich as well or at other universities in Switzerland or even in other countries. After earning a Master of Science (MSc) degree in ETH in Civil Engineering from ETH Zurich, you can then continue your doctoral studies at ETH Zurich or other universities. In addition it can also if desired to directly pursue a career in the appropriate field.

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Bachelor of Civil Engineering
In this level students must complete as many as 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) before getting the title. Each ECTS point means that the student has gone through as many as 25 to 30 hours of lectures, exercises, assignments, and final exams as well. So the total is minimal to get a Bachelor's degree students must travel 4500 hours.

In the first year of this course, students will study a variety of basic areas of mathematics, mechanics, computer science, chemistry, and geology. All of these fields will have a final exam by the end of the first year. Then in the second and third years students begin to study areas that are more specific for the purposes of further study later. Areas include physics, hydrology, hydraulics, materials science and engineering-specific fundamentals of construction, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction engineering, transport, and hydraulics and water management.

In the fifth semester the student must begin the initial phase of his construction project according to the interest in the areas studied. Later on for the thesis which is the end result of the undergraduate study this student will be able to work on the project that has started its first stage in the fifth semester. In the course of lectures most courses will be delivered in German.

After graduating and earning a Bachelor's Degree there will be an offer for direct access to Master's studies in Civil Engineering courses at ETH Zurich. Graduates of this Bachelor degree study may also undertake advanced study in other fields such as Special Development and Infrastructure Systems, Technology, Integrated Building Systems, Economics, or Management which may have additional requirements required to be met first.

Master of Civil Engineering

In this Master's degree a Bachelor's graduate must choose 2 of 6 specializations for his studies. In each of the chosen specializations there must be a project undertaken during the course of study. The main objective of the required project within each selected specialization is to introduce methods of work in the field of Civil Engineering. This Master's degree study will be declared completed if the student has taken as many as 120 ECTS and also does Master's thesis. The specialization courses that can be selected in this course include Construction and Maintenance Management, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transport Systems, Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management, and Materials and Mechanics.

At the beginning of the study Master's degree students are still able to choose 2 specializations with a total of 2 × 27 ECTS available to obtain. Within each selected specialization there should be a kind of written project that will be completed in 2nd and 3rd semesters. A written project can usually be done within 1 semester only. Upon completion, 9 ECTS will be awarded for written projects taken by the students. To get through this section students must get 18 ECTS which is indeed means of 2 projects for 2 specializations.

The project or final project of the Master's degree in the ETH Zurich Civil Engineering course is a master's thesis. The length of time this Master's thesis work can be one full semester. For a minimum of 16 weeks with supervision from the professors of the specialization selected at the beginning of this Master's study. A total of 24 ECTS will be awarded to students who have successfully completed a Master's thesis with satisfactory results.

That was about the study of Bachelor and Master degree for Civil Engineering in ETH Zurich which is included in the top 10 universities in the world for the field of Civil Engineering. More information about Civil Engineering at ETH Zurich can be found at the ETH Zurich Civil Engineering page. To be able to communicate with the campus following the official contact page ETH Zurich Civil Engineering.