Brief Profile University of Tokyo (UTokyo)

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Brief Profile University of Tokyo (UTokyo)
If you want to continue your studies abroad, it could be that Japan is one of the destination countries you are considering to choose in the end. Japan does have many famous universities that are also popular internationally, one of which is the University of Tokyo or UTokyo. The university is in the top position for the best universities in Asia by 2015 and the 21st position for the world. UTokyo which is one of 7 national universities of Japan has several separate campus locations in Hongo, Komaba, Shirokane, Kashiwa, and Nakano.

The University of Tokyo has a total of 10 faculties with various majors and areas of study respectively. This amount is more than enough to be able to give you a choice later if you intend to enroll to become a student of University of Tokyo. The interesting thing about the study at the University of Tokyo is that in the first two years of the undergraduate degree the student will be focused on mastering the essential skills that are essential for further study. This period is called the Junior Division which will then be followed by Senior Division which is the last 2 years undergraduate study level where students will be more directed to the desired specialization respectively.

Well, here are the faculties of the University of Tokyo and also with the majors that exist in each faculty. You can use the following list to consider which course you will take at the University of Tokyo.

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Faculty of Agriculture

The field of agriculture is very closely related to the availability of food. Therefore, this faculty seeks as much as possible to utilize applied sciences based on food science, environmental science, and also life sciences. Faculty of Agriculture is very passionate in encouraging young students to help shape the future in the world of food from today. Here are the majors and programs provided by Faculty of Agriculture University of Tokyo.

1. Department of Applied Life Sciences Course (Bachelor of Agriculture)
• Major in Biological Chemistry and Biotechnology
• Major in Applied Biology
• Major in Forest Life Science
• Major in Aquatic Life Sciences
• Major in Animal Life Sciences
• Major in Bio-based Materials Chemistry

2. Department of Environmental and Resource Sciences Course (Bachelor of Agriculture)
• Major in Landscape Ecology and Planning
• Major in Forest Environmental and Resource Science
• Major in Aquatic Production and Environmental Engineering
• Major in Wood Science and Timber Engineering
• Major in Biological and Environmental Engineering
• Major in Agricultural and Resource Economics
• Major in Field Science
• Major in International Sustainable Agriculture Development

3. Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences Course (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine)
• Major in veterinary Medical Sciences

More information about Faculty of Agriculture University of Tokyo can be found at the Faculty of Agriculture page.

College of Arts and Sciences

First and second year students at the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo all go through lectures on the campus of Komaba. The earliest stages of the study on this faculty are to provide a comprehensive comprehensive understanding of art education. Furthermore, the Senior Division of this faculty will be directed to learn more about humanities, sciences, and also sectors which are the meeting point of humanities and sciences. All majors in this faculty will award a Bachelor of Liberal Arts if the student has completed his studies. Here are the majors in the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo.

1. Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
• Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies
• Area Studies
• Social and International Relations

2. Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences
• Science and Technology Studies
• Geography and Design Sciences
• Informatics
• Earth Systems and Energy Sciences

3. Department of Integrated Sciences
• Mathematical Sciences
• Matter and Materials Sciences
• Integrated Life Sciences
• Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences
• Sports Sciences Sub-course

4. Cross-disciplinary Programs
• Global Ethics
• Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience
• Barrier-free Studies
• Science Interpreter Training Program

The following is the official College of Arts and Sciences page where you can find more information.

Faculty of Economics

By choosing to study at this faculty you will gain access to the best collection of books on economics from all over Japan. In addition you will also be able to gain access to the latest database to help you conduct economic analyzes in the modern scope. The study in this faculty is more directed at small groups in order to maximize the results. Students who have completed their studies in this faculty will earn a Bachelor of Economics degree.

1. Department of Economics
2. Department of Business Adminstration
3. Department of Finance

More information about Faculty of Economics University of Tokyo can be found on the Faculty of Economics page.

Faculty of Education

The world of education is certainly very important to improve the quality of society in various aspects. Faculty of Education University of Tokyo will bring the young generation to be able to provide the best in the world of education through a Bachelor of Education awarded after the study period is completed.

1. Department of Integrated Educational Sciences
• Major in Basic Theories of Education
• Major in Social Sciences in Education
• Major in Developmental Sciences

On the Faculty of Education page you can find more information from Faculty of Education University of Tokyo.

Faculty of Engineering

In order to build an advanced environment, technology and techniques are certainly needed. Students who will get a Bachelor of Engineering degree are expected to give their best in developing society environment to a better level.

1. Department of Civil Engineering
2. Department of Architecture
3. Department of Urban Engineering
4. Department of Mechanical Engineering
5. Department of Mechano-Informatics
6. Department of Aeronauts and Astronauts
7. Department of Precision Engineering
8. Department of Information and Communication Engineering
9. Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
10. Department of Applied Physics
11. Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics
12. Department of Materials Engineering
13. Department of Applied Chemistry
14. Department of Chemical System Engineering
15. Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology
16. Department of System Innovation

Still curious about Faculty of Engineering University of Tokyo? You can go directly to Faculty of Engineering page to get complete information from one of the faculty at University of Tokyo.

Faculty of Law

In this faculty, students are directed to be able to comprehend deeply into things such as using a broad perspective, the mandatory things in law, and basic ideas in politics. Bachelor of Laws will be awarded to students who have successfully completed the study in this faculty.

1. Department I: Private Law Course
2. Department II: Public Law Course
3. Department III: Politics Course

Visit the Faculty of Law page to get access to more information from Faculty of Law University of Tokyo including contacts you can contact directly.

Faculty of Letters

A deep study in order to understand deeper and more clearly will work to achieve more satisfying and correct answers to the questions that then arise. It is at the core of a study at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Tokyo until a Bachelor of Arts degree.

1. Department of Philosophy and Religion
• Philosophy
• Chinese Philosophy
• Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies
• Ethics
• Religious Studies
• Aesthetics
• Islamic Studies

2. Department of History
• Japanese History
• Oriental History
• Occidental History
• Archeology
• Art History

3. Department of Language and Culture
• Linguistics
• Japanese Language and Literature (Japanese Linguistics)
• Japanese Language and Literature
• Chinese Language and Literature
• Indian Language and Literature
• English Language and Literature
• German Language and Literature
• French Language and Literature
• Slavic Languages ​​and Literatures
• South European Languages ​​and Literatures
• Contemporary Literary Studies
• Greek and Latin Classics

4. Department of Psychology and Sociology
• Psychology
• Social Psychology
• Sociology

Visit the Faculty of Letters page for more information from the Faculty of Letters University of Tokyo which may be your choice for study in Japan later.

Faculty of Medicine

The more the developing world can not be denied that more and more epidemics and diseases must be treated. Students from the Faculty of Medicine with a Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Health Sciences will be expected to develop new types of approaches in relation to the treatment of various diseases and epidemics. In addition, various mysteries in the human body is also trying to be studied and described one by one in order to provide a variety of support for a better human life later.

1. School of Medicine (Bachelor of Medicine)
2. School of Integrated Health Sciences (Bachelor of Health Sciences)

You can go to Faculty of Medicine page to get more information from Faculty of Medicine University of Tokyo.

Faculty of Sciences

For some people, learning more about what's in nature is a wonderful thing and the results can be amazing. That's why the University of Tokyo through the Faculty of Sciences provides the opportunity. Not only do you get the opportunity to enjoy learning about things from nature, a Bachelor of Science degree will also be awarded after you finish studying in this faculty later.

1. Department of Mathematics
2. Department of Information Science
3. Department of Physics
4. Department of Astronomy
5. Department of Earth and Planetary Physics
6. Department of Earth and Planetary Environmental Science
7. Department of Chemistry
8. Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry
9. Department of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology and the Department of Biological Scienes

Visit the Faculty of Sciences page which is the official page of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Tokyo for more information.

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

If the Faculty of Medicine focuses on methods of treatment, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is more concerned with the development and discovery of new drug products to support the healing processes of various diseases. There are 2 different degrees that can be obtained from this faculty namely Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

1. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2. Department of Pharmacy

The faculty provides a wealth of information on the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences page you can visit if you are very interested in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical world.

That was a list of faculty with majors and also a degree at the University of Tokyo. You can begin to consider the various options on the list if you intend to continue studying in Japan, especially at the University of Tokyo as the best university in Asia by 2015.