Overview of University of Toronto Profile

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Overview of University of Toronto Profile
The University of Toronto (University of Toronto) is one of the best universities in North America precisely in the Toronto area, Ontario, Canada. In the United States alone, the university is among the top 5 universities. While compared to universities around the world, he is ranked 20th. University of Toronto or also known as 'U of T' has been established since 1827 on a land area of ​​71 hectares. It is also surrounded by Queen's Park, a famous Canadian park, The Spadina, St. George, the museum, and is just north of Ontario's Legislative Building.

Since long time the university has been committed in the field of research, especially research in the field of medicine. Not surprisingly, the results of research of 'U of T' are among the most widely cited and referred to by various circles around the world. Some of the leading research results generated through academics at 'U of T' are the discovery of insulin and stem cell research, the first site of a practical electron miscroscope, the identification of Cygnus X-1 as a black hole, the development of multi-touch technology, and much more . The Faculty of Medicine in 'U of T' has also collaborated with 10 teaching hospitals, facilitated medical care, as well as research and consulting services to patients and clients' both from Canada and abroad. Another important work of 'U of T' is the establishment of the Toronto School, a school that has had a major influence on the development of communication theory and criticism of literature. The founders of this school were Eric A. Havelock and Harold Innis, followed by contributions from Edmund Snow Carpenter, Northrop Frye and Marshall McLuhan to this school.

The campus awards

 A number of awards are often accepted by 'U of T' which is strengthening it as the best university ever, especially in Canada. In 2013, 'U of T' was ranked 17th in the world by rank of QS World University Rankings, while in 2014 it was ranked 24th in the world and 1st in Canada based on the Academic Ranking of World Universities. The other rank received 'U of T' is ranked 9th in the world in 2010 as a Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities, ranked 14th as High Impact Universities, and the 2nd world university rank by Academic Performance in 2012.

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In 2011, 'U of T'pun was awarded a rating of A by The Sustainable Endowments Institute for its' U of T' environmental sustainability efforts on campus. In the same year, 'U of T' entered into the top three best schools outside the United States based on Newsweek publications. Since 2001, 'U of T' has also always received the first rank as Canada's best research university in an annual event by Research Infosource. Not until there, for 11 consecutive years from 1994 to 2004, Maclean's magazine awarded this Canadian university the 'top medical university doctoral program'. Then, in 2013 the Faculty of Law 'U of T' became the best law school in Canada based on Maclean's magazine publication. The year became the 7th year for 'U of T' received the best law school award without ever being replaced aka 7 years in a row.

Campus facilities

In terms of the education system, 'U of T' is somewhat different than any other university in North America. 'U of T' is a 'collegiate university', meaning a university consisting of a number of colleges or colleges as there are at the University of Cambridge and Oxford University in England. As a collegiate university, every college in 'U of T' has autonomy including registration, scholarships, programs and financial affairs, as well as the residence and social duties of each college. In 'U of T' you will find 7 colleges, namely: Innis College, New College, St. Michael's College, Trinity College, University College, Victoria College, and Woodsworth College.

Each college in 'U of T' has its own residence and cafeteria spaces scattered throughout the campus. Generally, the campus provides shelter for undergraduate students in their first year, while the next year students reside outside and surrounding areas of the campus. This is due to the maximum number that can be accommodated by shelter in 'U of T' amounts to about 6,400 students only. One of the off-campus living quarters inhabited by students of 'U of T' from various colleges and faculty is Chestnut Residence. This place was originally a hotel that was later converted into residential buildings for students 'U of T'. Meanwhile, many graduate students are found at Massey College, whereas many postgraduate graduate students inhabit Knox and Wycliffe Colleges. For female students, in Canada there is a special residence of female students named Annesley Hall of Victoria College and Loretto College of St. Michael's College.

'U of T' has 17 faculties, namely: Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, Faculty of Music Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Information, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing , Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Faculty of Law, Rotman School of Management, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Faculty of Social Work and Toronto School of Theology.

For school fees, 'U of T' imposes a different cost to the students, of course, depending on the programs and faculties in which the student is enrolled. In general, the cost of education 'U of T' is $ 5,865 or more. Housing costs range from $ 7,550 to $ 15,000 or maybe even more, depending on where the student lives and how his or her lifestyle is applied (eg cooking yourself or buying). This figure is not yet included with other expenses such as the cost of buying books, unexpected purposes, transportation, telephone, internet, and so forth.


But do not worry. 'U of T' also provides scholarship programs, both for local students and international students. There are enrollment scholarship facilities offered from universities, colleges and faculty in 'U of T' for 3 thousand students each year. Several colleges and faculties also provide residential scholarships. In addition, at the end of each of the first, second, and third year of teaching, 'U of T' rewards students with the best academic achievements. Apart from the scholarships provided by 'U of T', there are also a number of institutions and companies that provide educational support for students and students. If you are one of them, all you have to do is find as much information as possible because the opportunity for it is wide open.
Meanwhile, one of the best facilities owned by 'U of T' is the library.

'U of T' is the top 3 best-selling academic library university in North America, right under the libraries owned by Harvard and Yale Universities. This is based on the large collection of literature in this library, whether in the form of books, journals, DVDs, sound recordings or other collection forms. In this super-wide library will be found 10 million collections covering 5.4 million microfilm, 70 thousand series titles and 1 million maps, movies, as well as graphics and sound recordings. Some of these collections have been stored in digital form through the cooperation of 'U of T' with the Internet Archive since 2005. Thus, any literature in this library will be 'long-lasting' and easier to access to generations coming without worry of being damaged eaten time let alone lost. Another place that should not be missed from 'U of T' is Hart House.

This place was founded in 1919 by one of U of T alumni named Vincent Massey who took the name Hart from his own grandfather's name. This place is practically one of U of T's student life centers, where the heart of social life, culture, and recreation or entertainment can be felt in it. At Hart House students can read in the library, have dinner with their preferred style (casual or formal), shave / cut hair, see art galleries, and watch drama performances in theater or music concerts. Not yet there, students can also watch or join in the debate activities, playing billiards, swimming, or even looking for a comfortable spot to learn. Everything can be found on the same roof and the movement will always be felt throughout the day. With the goal of creating a holistic learning experience for students through fun activities, Hart House is an outstanding place for students of 'U of T' to be proud of.

Student organization activities

In addition to excelling in the academic field, 'U of T' also supports non-academic activities of its students. The goal is to provide an extracurricular experience that is able to develop students not only on the intellectual aspect, but also other aspects. 'U of T' recognizes the importance of softskill and that students should not spend their time only in the classroom during lectures, but there needs to be other activities in order to develop interest, talent, and student potential. Up to now, there are more than 800 clubs and / or student organizations with various areas of concentration each of which can be followed by all students 'U of T'.

For students who have high awareness and concern for the environment, can join the student organization called Environmental Student Union. Students also have the opportunity to become volunteers at the 'U of T' greenhouse or gardening communities there. In the field of art, some student activities that can be followed include drama, photography, cinema or cinema, and there are also clubs Hip Hop and Bhangra. There is also the Undergraduate Commerce Society and the Historical Studies Society which often hold night pubs, guest lectures, and movie nights. In addition, those who like the world of journalism and public speaking can participate in campus and campus campus production activities, throwing arguments at each other to prepare for the debate competition among students, and donate their time as volunteers in media awareness activities to teenagers. Other interesting organizations include the Kurdish Students Association, the Chinese Magazine club, the Islamic Business Association, and the Caribbean Connectionists. The groups show that 'U of T' consists of various student backgrounds in terms of culture, ethnicity, race and religion, and all are possible to form their own groups.

Student organizations and clubs are not just an event to gather and channel the interests and talents of the students. Some of them incised extraordinary achievements and increasingly the name 'U of T'. The proud achievements of the U of T 'student organization' were presented by the Hart House Debating Club who won the World Universities Debating Championship in 1981 and 2006. Some Hart House Debating Club members come from small debate clubs at Trinity, University and Victoria College to then continue by joining the Hart House Debating Club. At Hart House Debating Club students are trained to debate with a combination of American and British styles.

Other achievements come from the field of sports. The 'U of T' chess team has won the top six titles at the Pan American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championship. Meanwhile, in other sporting events, the 'U of T' racing team named Formula SAE Racing Team won the Formula Student European Championships in 2003, 2005 and 2006.

In addition to spawning a remarkable debating club, Hart House is also home to an amateur theater group formed by U of T students under the name Hart House Theater. This theater group routinely performs per season. In history, Hart House Theater is even seen as the initiator who introduced the Little Theater Movement from Europe. Every year, there are also performances by students from various colleges and faculties. Some of the most famous performances are U.C. Follies from University College, Skule Nite from the Faculty of Engineering, and Daffodil from the Faculty of Medicine. Year 2010-2011pun become the hundredth year of this theater production activities.

For students of music lovers, Hart House also has its own show. The ensemble music of the most famous Hart House is the orchestra, the choir, the jazz choir, the jazz ensemble, and the band. Every Friday night there will be jazz treats from The Jazz at Oscar's concert series featuring big bands and jazz songs. Jazz treats are held in the lounge and bar Hart House Arbor Room. In addition, Hart House also has the Sunday Concert as the oldest musical performance series there since it has been held since 1922. Up to now there have been over 600 classical music concerts held in the Great Hall, where all citizens 'U of T' and the general public can come and witness it.

With the advantages possessed 'U of T' as a world-class university, graduates from 'U of T' were certainly not people at random. They are the ones who contribute greatly especially in Canada. A total of 4 Canadian Prime Ministers ever listed his name as one of the students 'U of T'. So it is with the 2 Governors General of Canada, and countless entrepreneurs and academics who graduated from this university.

In fact, when compared to other universities in Canada, the most acclaimed 'U of T' graduates receive the Nobel Prize. It's amazing, is not it?